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Daniela Pešková
Daniela Pešková

An UMPRUM student Daniela Pešková, a graduate of Tomáš Baťa Universityin Zlín and an intern with avant-garde Dutch A.F.Vandervorst, understands and interprets garment as the final layer of the human body. “Our own body in most cases does not reflect who we really are. A garment, which is an inseparable part of our current shell and envelops it, is our self-reflexion, a mirror, a continuation as well as completion of ourselves,” says she about her relationship with clothes.

Daniela Pešková’s collections are conception based and the new spring/summer 2016 work is no different. This time the main idea is inspired by an idea of a purpose that does not last to the end. ‘There is reshaping, abstraction, extraction and subsequent deformation. The primary purpose ceases to be important; the journey finds its right look. At the end nothing is the same as it was at the beginning,’ Daniela explains.

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