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The experimental studio is focused on modeling digital objects, clothing and accessories. We see the functionality of the digital clothing model in the overlap with the production of clothing and its presentation. Creating digital prototypes allows us to save on material, production costs of the test models and reduce the time for its production. Photorealistic visualization is suitable for communication with the customer and moves custom production to a more individual position. The platform deals with an alternative form of product presentation, digital identity, development of digital fitting and overlaps into AR, VR and MR. We offer a service to designers to make a 3D model and create product videos that communicate the concept. "In our opinion, 3D visualization will play a key role in the transformation of the fashion industry. No waste will have to be generated during the designer process. The material will be used only for real production, which will be tailored to each customer. E-shops will no longer have to take pictures of clothes on models. Thanks to the 3D image, everyone will be able to see a selected piece from all conceivable sides and angles even better than in the photos, ”the authors explain. How to allow a mononautical design, object or concept to be present on more than one continent? When made digitally.

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