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For the first time in history, adidas Originals will be presented in the Czech Republic as part of MBPFW. High and street fashion will come together on the catwalk. Iconic sneaker silhouettes styled in a completely different way - a combination of nostalgia and a look into the future. A showcase of originality from the perspective of unconventional casting and styling. Complemented by a new exclusive limited edition jewellery by Ondrej Stara, created for this fashion show. All this is under the art direction of Veronika Donutková and Zdeněk Marek.

adidas Originals has dominated the fashion, sneaker, and sportswear market for decades. Why? Because behind the constant progress of Originals lies timeless design, premium quality, and comfortable materials - all inspired by the best of the past.

We've been celebrating originality since 1972. Be there with us.

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