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Aleš Hnátek
Aleš Hnátek

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Aleš Hnátek, a student of the Clothing and Footwear Design Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, takes aesthetics and quality very seriously. He focuses on the luxury products segment and so-called wearable artworks. Perception of even the smallest details is the key for him. He is convinced that refined aesthetics combined with high craftsmanship yield the best products. A view of the environment is also a matter of course, sustainability is another of the pillars. He likes to recycle well-processed material, which he perceives as no less luxurious. He also composes deadstock materials into his collections, so new fabrics are often in the last place for him in the footage. In his work he finds inspiration in art, certain moments and atmosphere. With the help of associations and intuition, he then begins to create. He often finds himself in an environment colored by poetic undertones of timeless desire and nostalgia at the same time.

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