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Dominika Kozáková
Dominika Kozáková

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Rebel. Provocateur. She creates a new dreamy universe with the return of queens. A punk mark that is driven by a revolutionary way of youth life that relates and refers to the truth of life in all its forms. It is a new dimension full of feelings and impressions of the young generation.
A brand that is a visual platform to express your beliefs, conflicts, dreams, and celebration of life. The collections are supposed to provoke society to free itself from gender-based curvature and formalism.

In 2018 she presented her collection FREAK SHOW at MBPFW inspired by the modern circus in VAN GRAAF Junior Talent 2018.
She also presented the FREAK SHOW in Maastricht in Holland at Fashionclash Festivals 2018, which is one of the most progressive platforms for young designers and artists in the world. Her work has attracted magazine editors like Vogue Italia, London Brick, Fucking Young, Kaltblut Mag, Kink, 33 Magazine and Diane Pernet's ASVOF world-famous blog.

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