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Karolína Juříková
Karolína Juříková

“My work addresses current social topics, the other characteristics are contrast and exaggeration,” defines her work Karolína Juříková, a student of the final year at Liběna Rochová’s Fashion and Shoes Design department at UMPRUM, who did an internship with the famous avant-garde fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm at Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien. And she spent the last months at Camper in Mallorca.


"The collection for the Spring/ Summer 2016 masters diploma is the final dissertation of my studies at the School of Applied Arts. The main topics of the reinterpretation of these garments are the culmination of my interests, research, and experimentation with a half-forgotten Czechoslovakian textile technique called Art protis,"says Karolina, adding that the intention was to create a collection based on situational composition. "I'm concerned with the approach to clothing individualism, and about capturing moments in time of my wrath."

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