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Markéta Martišková
Markéta Martišková



Graduate from the Royal Academy in Antwerp Markéta Martišková left to study in Belgium after finishing her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU) in Bratislava. Antwerp has become her second home and her strongest source of inspiration for new ideas and work. Being a designer, Markéta communicates through symbols, typography and prints. She also always tries to use new techniques. The theme of each of her collections contains a certain element of wit and draws on the designer’s imagination. She creates collections for women as well as children.


Markéta is creating the spring/summer 2016 collection together with Denisa Adolfová. It is called “Je suis Artisanal” and goes back to the very beginning, to the Garden of Eden. What if Eve had not listened to the snake and had made it into a handbag? What would have happened? the authors ask. ‘Our muse is an ethereal woman, who through her roles of a lover, mother and a wise woman still manages to find beauty in everyday life. We want to address this being and introduce a piece of heaven, a reminder of the Garden of Eden and the lightness of angel’s wings into her wardrobe…’, they reveal their intentions.

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