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Monika Krobová
Monika Krobová

The former Thomas Tait’s intern and current designer at Steven Tai, two talented British designers, begins to gain the same attention as her “mentors”; at least in the Czech Republic. Fresh graduate from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) Monika Krobová has already managed to be nominated for the Czech Grand Design 2012 award. ‘My work incorporates various views on clothes, which I try to approach from many artistic perspectives,’ she introduces her work.


The theme of the spring/summer 2016 collection “The Cut Outs” works with the conception of using informative and relatively functional decoration. Its main inspiration draws on uniforms, badges, ranks and orders. ‘I use decoration in situations where it has an aesthetic and functional meaning and where it on a structural level develops a certain dialogue which oscillates between still having a meaningful use and at the same time being a “mere” designer’s invention,’ Monika says.

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