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When young Georgian brand Situationist founded by designer Irakli Rusadze is talked about, aesthetics of a different Georgian phenomenon. Fashion editors see Irakli as another hope from the East which could rise to the top floors of international fashion.


Only twenty six years old fashion designer from Tbilisi Irakli Rusadze embarked on his professional career when he was 13. He briefly studied pattern making and construction himself and soon started collaborate with several clothing companies in Georgia thus acquiring experience. His work debuted at Georgian fashion week (GFW) in 2010. Rusadze also took part in several social benefits and charity projects connected to fashion. in 2013, when he was 23, he founded his own label. He founded the Situationist brand, which caused a sensation at his home, Georgia. Virtually the entire fashion world was intrigued by a T-shirt from his SS17 collection inspired by the Georgian flag. There was more buzz about Situationist on social networks when model Bella Hadid wore an outfit by this progressive Tbilisi designer during the January edition of Paris fashion week.

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