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Studio Defresh
Studio Defresh

They pay attention to social issues of the contemporary young generation and reflect it through their clothes. Two students of the Fashion Design Department at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) Tereza Ledvinová and Filip Hieke use a basic piece of clothing – a white t-shirt – as an important means of communication. Despite the intentional unreasonableness and revolt, it is still clothes that it is all about. They took green colour for their own in all its hues and forms and undertook to spread it.


Tereza and Filip say about their first collection for spring/summer 2016: ‘You need 6.5f of elastic and three players. There are five rounds and they differ in the position of the elastic. In round one, the elastic is around the players’ ankles, in round two it’s around their calves, round three around their knees, round four in the middle of their thighs, and in round five the elastic is around the players’ waists.’ As is clear from the description, the leitmotif is French skipping.

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