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UMPRUM: Ateliér designu oděvu a obuvi



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The main idea of the Atelier concept is focused on the creative side of clothing. This also includes footwear and additional work. This main path, the focus on creative thinking, which ultimately takes the form of a unique creation that will overwhelm the previous kind of clothing, footwear, access to the concept of free art. We are focused on discovering new resources and emphasize each student's personality. This idea of promoting student personality and creative development is one of the core ideas of the Atelier. In addition to this creative search overlapping into "fashion art" or "fashion on the edge", the student is led to master the ability to pass this free creation into commercial versions. Students learn how to start a brand and how to do business. The principle is the way to excellent craftsmanship, in the field of tailoring and so-called haute-couture. It is necessary to acquire knowledge with current modern technology in the field of materials or processing.

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