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UMPRUM: Ateliér módní ...
UMPRUM: Ateliér módní tvorby

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The main idea and concept of the Clothing and Footwear Design Studio at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design under the leadership of prof. Liběna Rochová is focused on the creative concept of clothing form. This main path, the concentration on the development of creative thinking, should, in its final form, take the form of a unique collection that moves on the border between applied art, design and free art.
Freedom and seeking is focused on discovering one's own resources with an emphasis on the personality of each student. This idea of ​​supporting the personality and creative development of students is one of the main ideas of the studio.
In addition to this creative search with an overlap into "fashion art", students are led to the knowledge to be able to transfer this free creation into a commercially defined form of clothing, with preparation for the "real world" of the Czech and world clothing industry.
Students are thus guided to how to establish their own brand with an emphasis on the issue of sustainability and its application to their own collections. The principle is also the path to excellent craftsmanship and knowledge of materials.

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